Quote of the Week ~ Dec. 26, 2006

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“Christian parents, brothers and sisters in Christ, there is no greater calling in our lives as Christians than to raise up the next generation of faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Surely within that calling, the most noble, the most necessary, the most foundational task is to ensure our children have been thoroughly trained to properly, earnestly, honestly, from the heart and soul and mind and strength, offer their reasonable service, their spiritual worhip to God the Father Almighty in the name of His only begotten Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!”
~ Craig & Barbara Smith in Keystone Magazine, July 2002, Vol. VIII No. 4 http://www.hef.org.nz/

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Jennifer McBride is the blessed wife to Steve and the mother of 8 children, ages 13-2. She is also the editor of the book "Queen of the Home" - currently being revised and updated. In her sparest of spare moments she operates www.noblewomanhood.com, a website dedicated to proclaiming the honor, nobility and power of Biblical womanhood.


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