Quote of the Week ~ Jan. 20, 2007

Posted By on August 19, 2010

Our homes are also the frame for a very special picture that has been entrusted to Christian husbands and wives. Paul wrote that marriage is meant to be a picture of Christ and His Heavenly Bride, the Church. Our homes set the stage for this picture and how it is presented to our world.

Does your home reflect a wholehearted devotion to its King—your husbands and fathers? Does your home show a tender love and care for its Queen—all of you wives, mothers, and grandmothers? Your home can either lie about Christ and His Bride, or it can tell the Truth. The Truth is that the King provides for His Bride, lays down His life for her, and honors her with His own Body. The Truth is that the Bride adores the King, delights in serving Him, and rejoices at His return.” ~ Jennie Chancey in Are You a Queen?

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Jennifer McBride is the blessed wife to Steve and the mother of 8 children, ages 13-2. She is also the editor of the book "Queen of the Home" - currently being revised and updated. In her sparest of spare moments she operates www.noblewomanhood.com, a website dedicated to proclaiming the honor, nobility and power of Biblical womanhood.


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