Clean Your Dishwasher Filter Day!

Posted By on March 21, 2011

Today is Dishwasher Filter Cleaning Day! Well, at my house anyway… it isn’t quite enough of a holiday for Google to create one of those special “Google” logos – though apparently the birthdays of modern artists and Nobel Peace Prize winners I’ve never even heard of before make the cut – but I digress.

Did you know that dishwashers have filters? Of course you do, because I am sure that YOU have the foresight and wisdom to read the manual that came with your dishwasher! There are those of us who mistakenly prefer to learn by trial and error.

I lived in ignorant bliss of such things as dishwasher filters for some time after we bought ours. Eventually, however, our previously sparkling dishes began to come out of the wash with Bits of Gunk on them. I finally stuck my head into our faithful Bosch and made the discovery that filters exist. I took ours apart and found the motherlode.  The Bits of Gunk were but the children of  a horrifying amount of Black Slime (gag). After much spraying and scrubbing  and putting back together our dishes were once again coming out clean. (And we lived happily ever after.)

Having learned my lesson the disgusting way I now clean out the filter more often (though, alas, not often enough. Gag.). If you have never cleaned out your filter, or if it has just been awhile I invite you to join me today in tackling this oft forgotten task. What you find will likely be so fascinatingly disgusting you’ll want to take pictures and blog the results. But please don’t.

Updated to add: If you don’t have the slightest clue how to find or take apart your filter and you also don’t have the slightest clue where you filed the manual that came with your dishwasher, try a Google search. This won’t help you remember where your manual is but may shed some light on taking apart your filter.

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2 Responses to “Clean Your Dishwasher Filter Day!”

  1. MamaRae says:

    These are great sites if you want to find an online copy of your long-gone manual !

  2. Donna J says:

    I never knew there were filters and now I am afraid to look!