God is Mighty to Save–All is Not Lost

Posted By on April 28, 2011

From Kelly Crawford:

I’m writing from a friend’s computer, at another friend’s home.  My home is gone.  But, God saved my family from a violent tornado that ripped our house from off the top of us as we clung to each other, with three other families, in our basement.

I beg you for your prayers for our community.  It is totally devastated.  Our homes are literally flat, trees are uprooted everywhere–it is unrecognizable.  (We live on the same property as my parents and their home is gone too.)  But much worse, some of our close friends (the Lee Family) were all trapped under their collapsed house; our guys pulled them from the wreckage but their father was killed.  Three others were injured and unable to get to a hospital for hours (Med Flight finally arrived).  Sherry is left to try to make impossible decisions without a husband while trying to comfort her thirteen children too.

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