Homemade Pie Tutorial

Posted By on November 21, 2011

From The Pioneer Woman:

The following tutorial is from the wonderful Pam Regentin who graced the Lodge with her presence a couple of weekends ago for a pie workshop. Pam inspired everyone in attendance with her pie talents and has now compiled her best instruction and tips for the perfect pie crust. Follow her directions below…and you’ll be a pie making queen in no time! :

Pie, that icon of American desserts, is a mystery to many people. What makes pie crust flaky? How can the dough be rolled and formed without sticking or tearing? It’s a shame that pie crust, something with only a few simple ingredients, can cause such fear and trembling in the home baker.

Two crust pie used to be ubiquitous on family tables. Whether sweet or savory, pie was a traditional food easily found and universally enjoyed. Why is it becoming so hard these days to find delicious, well-made two crust pie? Our all-American pastry pie has become a victim in our modern times with the focus on convenience foods and the exodus of home cooks out of the kitchen. Carefully hand-crafted pies have been replaced by factory processed imitations. Fewer and fewer pie makers, the keepers of the pie crafting secrets, are around to pass on the tradition of creating two crust pie. I hope to see a revival of this craft and want to share what I know to further that end.

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