Off Grid Livin’

Posted By on March 23, 2011

Here is a great post by Vicki West (of Homestead Blessings ) on thriving without electricity:

In the recent past we have been frequently asked the question, “how do you actually live without electricity?” In response to those who asked and to any of you who may be also wondering, here is our answer.
  We have been off grid for about 17 years now. For 7 of those years we had our water hand pumped {from a spring} on the back porch {summer kitchen} and had an out house too.  We now, with gravity flow spring water, have a wonderful in-house bathroom! Most of the time we use kerosene lamps for light  and of course the natural sunlight in the day. The nearest power lines are about 4 miles away! Our wood cook stove is for heating {our only source for heating} and of course cooking, heating water and more. We have learned that we don’t really need all the gadgets that we are condition to believe we need. Also, that electric meter {like we used to have} is running {charging you money by the second} whether any appliance is being used or not!

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  1. Mrs. Zwieg says:

    I love this! My husband has been studying and researching living off the grid. It is one of his dreams…as his helpmeet, I guess I better get a move on and learn these things too! Thnak you for this post. :)