Starting Seedlings

Posted By on April 5, 2011

Guest Post by Mrs. Tammy Wakefield

I am by no means a professional when it comes to gardening. I do enjoy attempting to grow my own veggies, herbs, and cutting flowers, though. Nothing beats the simple pleasure of bringing in something delicious, beautiful, or useful from your own garden!

I live in Maine, so my herb and slow-growing veggie seeds need to be started indoors from March-April. I like to start the seeds in used butter/cottage cheese tubs filled half-way with perlite. I scatter the seed across the top and then cover with a thin layer of more perlite. The tub has holes I drilled in the bottom for drainage (not too big…you don’t want the perlite to wash out).

I place the tub in warm water until the perlite is soaked, then let it drain on the dish drainer. I cover the top with a pint size freezer baggie and set the tub on a dish in a sunny windowsill. Remove the baggie as soon as you see the tiny seedlings poking up. Once the seedlings grow their second set of leaves I transplant them to individual pots filled with starting medium or low nutrient soil to finish growing until it is time to harden them off in my area.

I hope this info is helpful to someone else!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I am just learning how to start my own seeds indoors. I am curious about low-nutrient soil you mentioned. What is the purpose of using a low nutrient medium?