The Difference Between Obstinacy And Firmness

Posted By on October 19, 2011

The Difference Between Obstinacy And Firmness

To stand by error, and the truth refuse;
To close the eyes against unwelcome light;
The crooked paths, through prejudice, to choose;
For one’s own will, and thoughts, and ways to fight;
To fear to have the sleeping conscience stirred,
By letting in truth’s quick and searching ray;
When ignorance to knowledge is preferred,
And dull obscurity to heavenly day:
By marks like these is stubborness descried,
Offspring of foolish selfishness and pride.

To stand by truth, to suffer loss and pain
Rather than swerve from duty’s sacred way;
To count reproach an honour; suffering gain, —
Endured, because we will God’s will obey;
Ne’er to abate one jot of what is right,
Though crowds deride or flatter, smile or frown;
To brave the dungeon, rack, or tyrant’s might;
Or, harder still, refuse a proffered crown:
This is true firmness, such as Heaven approves,
The noble steadfastness our Father loves.

~ J. G. Deck (1807-1884)

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