The Kingdom of Home

Posted By on October 10, 2011

Encouraging words of wisdom from Sally Clarkson:

So, the starting point is to see our domain as a Kingdom. We are the queens who rule over our domain. We are the authorities who will determine, to a great deal, the provision of those in our kingdom, the character, the hope and confidence and success as we lead them and rule over them judiciously and generously. As sovereigns over a domain, we have the responsibility to rule over it with excellence, intentionality, shaping the outcome of the life that is lived there. A good queen always leads in the way that will provide best for those under her dominion, and so we may lead well, as we have observed many in history have done, or we may lead poorly with devastating results for those under our charge.

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  1. Debi says:

    Looking forward to reading the book!