How a Pink Drink Was an Answer to Prayer: Plexus Slim Review

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I have struggled with health issues for most of my life, including chronic ear infections, allergies, eczema and more. For the past eight years I have been struggling with severe, often debilitating, adrenal fatigue. Four of those years, including this one, have been spent partly bedridden.

With 8 young children growing up before my eyes this has been such a heartache to me and a great burden on our whole family. The Lord has been so faithful though. We know that all things come through His hands and that He works all things together for our good and that is a comfort we continue to cling to. We also believe that healing comes through Him and that He is the Great Physician. I have been praying desperately for this and for the first time I have real hope that He is answering with a “Yes” and it is time for me to get well.

A little over a year ago I first heard about a “pink drink” that was helping people with a myriad of health issues. I looked at it briefly, but being a little skeptical I did not pursue it any further

This year, my health plummeted again to the point of being near adrenal failure and mostly bedridden since March. I had days where I was so low I could barely talk, sit up or even open my eyes. I had many days where I was only able to be up for 10 or fifteen minutes at a time, and that was usually shuffling around the house, not even standing upright. The slightest exertion was a huge effort.

In April, we lost the little baby we were expecting. Being so sick, I did not quite know how to even begin to get well. Special diets were not a doable option when I could not even get out of bed to prepare normal meals. I was not strong enough for the hour drive to the nearest doctor and mybrain was so foggy and fatigued I didn’t even know how I should figure out which supplements, or combinations thereof, I should be taking.

I had a new determination though, that I had to make getting well a top priority no matter how hard it was. I began to funnel my grief over losing our baby into prayerfully researching some different options. As I began to research, I remembered that Plexus “pink drink” I had read about  last year and decided to give it another look.

I thought it sounded interesting  and the ingredients looked surprisingly natural, so I googled “Plexus Slim and adrenal fatigue”. I found some wonderfully encouraging blog posts from normal sounding, Christian, homeschool mothers and I began to exchange my skepticism for a glimmer of hope.

I decided to give it a try and will be forever grateful that the Lord led me to do so! In the the past 4 1/2 months that we have been using Plexus products my health is continuing to slowly, steadily improve. I am no longer bedridden and I am gaining strength, stamina and energy. My brain fog is clearing away, as well as the depression that I couldn’t shake, and my awful insomnia is improving.

Plexus is not just a quick fix. It is a healing process. Slim addresses blood sugar regulation, which in turn sets off a snowball effect of health benefits. I have had relapses, some days better and some worse, but I am making continual progress. Having been sick for so long, I know I have a long way to go, but I am so thrilled to feel like I am finally on my way.

Living with adrenal fatigue, especially when it is severe, is very much like living with the spark of life removed. I felt like I was dying a long, slow death – not only my body, but ME inside. It has been called by a doctor who is an expert in adrenal issues the state of “the living dead”. That truly sums it up.

I have read many Plexus testimonials where people state that “Plexus gave me my life back”. It delights me now to be able to say the same. It truly is giving me my life back! I feel like “Me” again. As a result, it is giving my husband and children new life as well.

(Speaking of my husband, Plexus has been a huge answer to prayer for him as well for his years of terrible migraines!)

I am so thankful to the Lord for providing me with such a direct answer to prayer; and something simple enough for my foggy brain and sick body to be able to even handle to get started on the road to healing.

If you have health issues and are looking for help, please contact me! My heart so goes out to others, especially mothers, who are dealing with chronic illness and I want to share with you what has been the Lord’s answer to my exhausted, desperate prayer. There is hope.

Because Plexus has been such a huge blessing to us, we are spreading the word far and wide to others who struggle with their health. We just launched a brand new website full of information and testimonies,  Please come visit there if you would like to know more!

What if it really was the ticket you needed

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  2. nicole says:

    What else is involved in combination with the pink drink for adrenal fatigue?

    • Hi! So sorry not to answer sooner. Plexus products work by addressing root issues in the body (especially gut health and blood sugar). As those issues heal and balance it sets off a healing snowball effect in the body and the body is then able to heal in many many ways. Insulin is the master hormone, so as blood sugar balances, insulin balances and then other hormones (including cortisol, which is a big part of adrenal issues) are able to balance as well. This year I have been learning a ton about how many areas of the body gut health affects as well, so I almost always recommend that people also use the gut healing products from Plexus (ProBio5 and BioCleanse) along with the pink drink.

      I have found that in some cases of adrenal fatigue, especially when it is severe there might also need to be a specific focus on the adrenals. I am going through the program with Dr. Lam ( in addition to Plexus now and the combination of both is helping me hugely.

      This is a great overview of the pink drink from a nutritionist:

      and her thoughts on Plexus products in general:

      Here are a couple adrenal testimonies from friends of mine who have just been using Plexus for their adrenal fatigue:

      If you are on facebook we are hosting an event this week that will be full of info:

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or would like more info. I continue to be amazed at the impact Plexus products are having on people’s lives and health.