Raising a Generation of Wimpy and Selfish Women

Posted By on June 24, 2014

From Kathy Brodock at Teaching Good Things:

Our hearts are easily deceived. Our hearts are selfish and want only to be happy… in love with life. We want a taste of heaven here on earth and we will do what we need to to get it. We will even pick our favorite Bible verses to justify it. We just know Jesus wants better for us and we will surround ourselves with people and books to remind us of that.

NO! Jesus wants us busy working! We are Kingdom builders for goodness-sakes!

Can we find joy in our work? YES! But only when the heart is in it. But our heart is usually seeking self first, looking for an easier way, a way that will still ensure that we enter the Gate one day. But often our choices along the way will rob us of blessings, because we want to avoid the work that comes with those blessings

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