31 Days of Quotes: Day 9

| October 9, 2015

“The business done in the home is nothing less than the shaping of the bodies and souls of humanity.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

31 Days of Quotes: Day 8

| October 8, 2015

“There is no nobler career than that of motherhood at its best. There are no possibilities greater, and in no other sphere does failure bring more serious penalties. With what diligence then should she prepare herself for such a task? If the mechanic who is to work with “things” must study at technical school, if […]

31 Days of Quotes: Day 7

| October 7, 2015

“To be Queen over her little kingdom, serene in every family emergency, capable to direct all things with calmness, cheerfulness, and decision, is an ambition sufficient to tax the powers of the most skillful amongst us, and a vocation equal to the highest God has appointed on this earth.” ~ Author Unknown, 1839

31 Days of Quotes: Day 6

| October 6, 2015

“O dear mothers, you have a very sacred trust reposed in you by God! He hath in effect said to you, “Take this child and nurse it for Me, and I will give thee thy wages.” You are called to equip the future man of God, that he may be thoroughly furnished unto every good […]

31 Days of Quotes: Day 5

| October 5, 2015

“Oh, that God would give every mother a vision of the glory and splendor of the work that is given to her when a babe is place in her bosom to be nursed and trained! Could she have but one glimpse into the future of that life as it reaches on into eternity; could she […]

31 Days of Quotes: Day 4

| October 4, 2015

“He that is blessed with a good wife is as happy as if he were upon the throne, for she is no less than a crown to him. A virtuous woman, that is pious and prudent, ingenious and industrious, that is active for the good of her family and looks well to the ways of […]

31 Days of Quotes: Day 3

| October 3, 2015

“I am not here to serve myself. I am not here to be lauded, petted, admired or “affirmed.” I am here to build men, cultures and kingdoms. When I find myself in the midst of difficulties and pain, will I persevere, or will I become a coward and pity myself? We do not have time […]

31 Days of Quotes: Day 2

| October 2, 2015

The Need of the Hour What does the country need? Not armies standing With sabers gleaming ready for the fight; Not increased navies, skillful and commanding, To bound the waters with an iron might; Not haughty men with glutted purses trying To purchase souls, and keep the power of place; Not jeweled dolls with one […]

31 Days of Quotes : Day 1

| October 1, 2015

“Mothers and daughters, wives and sisters, remember that you have the making of the future of this great country, and rise at once to your high and holy duty. Remember that you must make that future, whether you will or not. We are all what you make us. Ah! Throw away your weakening follies of […]

Quote of the Week ~ July 11, 2015

| July 11, 2015

  “She never, by word or look, discouraged me from running all hazards for the salvation of our country’s liberties; she was willing to share with me…in all the dangerous consequences we had to hazard.” John Adams – speaking of his wife, Abigail