On Not Being a Victim

June 24, 2014 | Author:

EXCELLENT, must read post from Femina:

 The word submission, on its own, holds no moral value whatsoever. Submission could be noble, submission could be treacherous. It all depends. So as we teach our daughters to “be submissive,” the ever-important question is “submissive to whom?” And the only no-fail answer to that question is “God.” We teach our daughters to be submissive to God – and that may mean being the extremely un-cool person who believes that wives should submit to their own husbands . . . and that also may mean being the wife who calls the cops on her husband, or the woman who calls the cops on her pastor, or the girl who calls the pastor on her dad. Submission certainly doesn’t always mean saying yes – sometimes submission means saying no, and that can take an awful lot of strength and bravery. Submission always has a backbone – and that backbone is the Word of God. Every human authority requiring our submission should be examined in the light of that. Do I owe this person my submission? If the answer to that quesion is yes, then it is because I submit ultimately to God and He has asked me to submit to this particular man. As a mother, I want my girls to know and understand this, and I want it to be deep in their bones. Ultimately, a heart submissive to God can stand up and resist someone who attempts to exploit that submission for their own ends.

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Raising a Generation of Wimpy and Selfish Women

June 24, 2014 | Author:

From Kathy Brodock at Teaching Good Things:

Our hearts are easily deceived. Our hearts are selfish and want only to be happy… in love with life. We want a taste of heaven here on earth and we will do what we need to to get it. We will even pick our favorite Bible verses to justify it. We just know Jesus wants better for us and we will surround ourselves with people and books to remind us of that.

NO! Jesus wants us busy working! We are Kingdom builders for goodness-sakes!

Can we find joy in our work? YES! But only when the heart is in it. But our heart is usually seeking self first, looking for an easier way, a way that will still ensure that we enter the Gate one day. But often our choices along the way will rob us of blessings, because we want to avoid the work that comes with those blessings

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Godly Legacy of Countess Juliana van Stolberg

June 23, 2014 | Author:

An inspiring, historical tidbit from Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth:

What is special about this woman, is that she knew the truth about reform. It starts in the family. She raised her 17 children with the Bible as their foundation. She instilled the conviction that man should should have “freedom of religion” (does this concept sound familiar?). During a time in history when blood was spilled because of your faith, this teaching through her children flourished into a cause of liberty! This clearly shows the influence of mothers and the important ministry they have within the walls of their own little castle, called home.

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7 Misconceptions About Moms of Large Families

June 21, 2014 | Author:

From Kelly Crawford at Generation Cedar:

As a mom of 10, I wanted to attempt to dispel a few myths about us and our large families. Because we get a lot of questions, and I’m sure even more questions go unasked.

So, though not exhaustive, these are a few of the common misconceptions:

1. They are “special.” They have lots of patience. They are “superwomen.”

Not at all. None of those things. From my vantage point, I’d say one reason the Lord has given me 10 children is because I need such a constant lesson in patience. We haven’t been given anything extraordinary that helps us cope with a passel of children. We just rely on fall desperately upon God’s grace and take one day at a time. And like any other circumstance, we do the next thing, figuring out what works as we go.

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Soldiers in House Dresses

June 20, 2014 | Author:

The Relief of Compassion in Parenting & Counseling

June 6, 2014 | Author:

I love this article. So often as parents we can forget to show mercy and grace to the little humans in our care and expect a perfection of them we don’t even expect of ourselves.

The larger problem is that we cannot demand our children live up to our ideals every moment of their lives. While an obedient life is the end goal of every parent for his child it cannot be the ultimate goal of every moment with that child. The ultimate goal of every moment is for them to see the goodness and glory of God through Christ in us. Commands are necessary, but commands are not the only way to help a child (or adult) understand their own mind with its peculiar challenges and obstacles. Sometimes compassion will do the trick.

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The Magic of Ordinary Days: Making Memories with Your Children

June 6, 2014 | Author:

From Charlotte Siems at This Lovely Place:

Ordinary days are so, well, ordinary. We are busy, to be sure, and we cut corners and look for shortcuts. I’m all for ways to make home management easier and more efficient.
The effort required for a big result in making memories with your children is usually small, yet we put it off or never do it. 
We keep meaning to, then the days and the months and the years pass, and we never got around to it. We are left with regrets and a wiser perspective.

The Oxen Are In

June 2, 2014 | Author:

From Rachel Jankovic at Femina:

I bet that in that home when I put a stack of clean clothes on the bed in my room, toddlers would not lay siege to it and throw it back in the dirty clothes.  Because in that life, there would not be the unsavory mess of my life. There wouldn’t be all the dishes and all the wet rags. There wouldn’t be the crayon wrappers or the stickers that somehow only stick permanently to the wrong surfaces. There wouldn’t be misused sharpies, or coats that got dragged through the mud outside by a misbehaving puppy. In that life, there would not be the mess of my life.

But you know what else there could not be? The fruit of my life. Resenting the mess in the barn is resenting the crop in the field. My children are not here to keep the barn tidy, they are here to plow the fields and bring in the crop.

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Home Management Printables Based on Systems from “Large Family Logistics”

June 2, 2014 | Author:

From Desiring Virtue:


 Most of what Kim shares amounts to routine and setting a pattern of living and working within your home. She shares specific systems that she uses in order to manage her own large family and persuasive reasons for doing things in a like manner. Because of this I have decided to alter my daily routines to more closely aline with the one she prescribes in her book. She follows a similar “one focus a day” approach, but makes my previous attempts at the same system look pathetic in comparison. Her goals and expectations are much more detailed and assure that she will accomplish a finely tuned home. This is something that I long for. After spending some time in the book (preparing for a new year of homemaking) I typed up some new printables to fill my home management notebook with. They follow her system almost exactly (with a few modifications), focusing on one major household task a day.



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Mothering Through Fatigue

June 1, 2014 | Author:

From The Modest Mom

The fatigue threatens to steal my joy. It’s been a long day, we are out of town and I should be enjoying the break from everyday life. Instead old fears creep in as I struggle with being so tired.  I’ve walked this path before and it isn’t a pleasant journey.

I slip away for an afternoon nap, and wake up feeling just as exhausted. Downstairs I try to put on my happy face and visit with family as if nothing is wrong. Inside I really want to just cry.

Bedtime finally comes and I wrestle with my 2 year old not wanting to go to her bed in a strange house. Anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head as my body is so weary, my adrenaline is soaring as I try to stay calm.

Suddenly I stop. I have a choice to make. A decision to choose joy or to slip further into discouragement. As I start putting pajamas on the 2 year old and look into her smiling face, the answer is clear. I must choose joy. My children depend on me. My husband needs me to be peaceful instead of irritated.

The words to Psalm 46 flood my mind, and I remember my mother singing it through lips of faith. “God is my refuge and strength, an ever present help in time of trouble. So we will not fear, though the earth give way. Though the mountains fall into the midst of the sea.”

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