Quote of the Week ~ July 29, 2014

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“Every one must have remarked how pleasant is that household in which a cheerful spirit of energy is cultivated by the mistress and mother. It is a pleasant thing to dwell with one who is not troubled by trifling annoyances, who is skilled in looking at the bright side of things, and hoping for the best; with one who believes that all the ways of the Lord are right, and who attaches a deep importance to duty. Such a one will work willingly, in the belief that God has appointed both her lot and her duties, and it is surprising how many obstacles are met and overcome by such a spirit.” ~ Anne Pratt

Top 10 Tips for Medieval Princesses

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From Suzannah Rowntree at LAF :

“Let’s face it: most of us girls wanted to be a princess at some point in our lives, and had the plastic tiara and tinsel-covered dress to prove it. We may never grow up to marry a real prince, like Kate Middleton, or take princess lessons, like Australia’s Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, but help is here! In 1405 the medieval poet and authoress Christine de Pisan wrote a book, “The Treasure of the City of Ladies”, containing hot tips for women from all walks of life, but especially princesses and noblewomen. Whether you want to make anonymous donations to a worthy cause, or convince your enemies that you love and trust them, Christine de Pisan has answers to all your princessing questions. Here are ten of my favourite lessons from her helpful little book, ten things every good princess should do:

 1. Love God and keep His commandments.

First of all above all else you must love and fear Our Lord. Why love Him? For His infinite goodness and for the very great blessings that you receive from Him. Fear Him for His divine and holy justice, which leaves nothing unpunished. If you have this love and fear constantly in view, you will infallibly be on the way to the goal where our instruction will lead you, that is, to the virtues. […] This is the way that the princess who loves Him shows it, for whatever duties or occupations she has due to the magnificence of her position, she will always keep before her eyes the light of the straight and narrow path.

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When There is No Joy to be Found in Motherhood

July 27, 2014 | Author:

From Bambi at In the Nursery if the Nation:

There must be a balance before us of proclaiming the nobility and greatness of motherhood—because it is noble and great (this is the next generation, people!) —and the hard truth that sometimes life ain’t purty.

All of this to say, ask yourself if your expectations are realistic for what life with two littles should look like. You are in the planting phase of motherhood and that requires a lot of weeding.  

Motherhood is wonderful, fun, exciting, fulfilling and a beautiful blessing. It’s also a self-denying, exhausting work that requires the Lord’s strength. 

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It’s Not About Staying at Home (Free Download)

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From the Western Conservatory:

If you think God’s plan for young women is all about being modest, keeping pure, staying home, preparing for marriage, and waiting for Prince Charming… you will not like this message. But…

  • If you’re tired of a small and fruitless vision for single womanhood, and are wondering if God might want more from you…
  • If you’re frustrated with a lack of fruitfulness, real-world involvement, and opportunities to grow, be stretched, and exercise your gifts…
  • If you’re sick of legalism, idolatry, formulas, movements, bandwagons, Christian-subculture trends and man-made rules, and just want to get back to God’s timeless principles for young womanhood…
  • Or if you’re just trying to figure out what you believe and why…

…take a step back with Anna Sofia and Elizabeth, away from the narrow applications and movement trends, and reexamine the baseline biblical principles that should form the foundation of our vision of single womanhood. Discover a robust vision of spreading the gospel, serving the saints, reaching out to the poor and needy, being full of good works, exercising your gifts, strengthening your arms, working with your hands, making the most of your single years, seeking first the Kingdom of God, and more!

In this message, the Botkin sisters reexamine hot button issues like a father’s authority, marriage, singleness, college, jobs, ministry, giftedness, Phariseeism, pursuing fruitfulness rather than just safety, serving our families vs. serving other people, why feminism is not the big enemy, and of course, “staying at home.” Prepare to be more excited about being a single Christian young woman than you’ve ever been before!

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Why Moms Need to Reboot

July 6, 2014 | Author:

From Kelly Crawford at Generation Cedar:

I get tired. I get grouchy and start to look around and only see too many pairs of shoes out of place, dust under the couch, toys left out for the 100th time.


But I MUST reboot, and remind myself that the mechanics–that is, how I handle the mechanics, are intricately tied to this bigger thing that we do…this growing of souls, and launching of good, sturdy men and women.

I cannot allow myself to be too tired for too long. Grace is given, yes, but then I must draw, not from my own strength, but from that source of never-ending power that comes from the One who has called me to this.

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Survival for Tired Moms

June 27, 2014 | Author:

From Charlotte Siems at This Lovely Place

If a good night’s rest seems like a faraway dream, welcome to motherhood. The season of having little ones sometimes seem to require more of us than we have to give. Having “been there, done that” for about 25 years, I get the feeling of desperation that sometimes overwhelms tired moms. Here are some ideas on how to survive—and thrive—when you’re one tired mama.

Take off the cape. You know, the Super Mom cape. You are human. You cannot do it all. The years of caring for children (and that includes teenagers) are demanding, but they are not forever. Don’t miss them by trying to impress people or prove something, thereby working yourself into the ground.

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When You Need Grace to Make Chicken Salad

June 26, 2014 | Author:

Words of  wisdom from Bambi Moore at In the Nursery of the Nation:

These are the Calgon moments of motherhood. The rock tumbler as one mom called it. We start to smash into each other and painfully get our rough edges knocked off. The surprise of it is like being in the wave pool at a waterpark. You’re having a great time and then out of nowhere one of those big waves hauls off and hits you right in the face, stinging your eyes, burning your throat and you’re having a difficult time finding your feet.

Overwhelming scenarios like these are when we must remember the gospel and choose to live in light of it. We must not think the gospel is too big for these little circumstances in our lives that present themselves without notice. The gospel is for every moment, big or small. Our homes are a mission field, after all. Just as important as what goes on in foreign mission fields. We must apply to our families what we know about God and our communion with him through Christ. Communion with Him means becoming like him. We must use what we know about God’s extending hand of mercy, grace and loving kindness. In times like these we make the effort to abide in the Vine, take the grace our Father has bestowed on us, and be a channel of that grace toward our children. 

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INVESTIGATORS: Drowning is silent

June 25, 2014 | Author:

Extremely important info on what drowning really looks like. Please take a few minutes to watch this news story:

In the past four months, four young people have drowned or nearly drowned in pools even though there were adults nearby. So, how do children drown in plain sight? A first-of-its-kind test shows why.

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

On Not Being a Victim

June 24, 2014 | Author:

EXCELLENT, must read post from Femina:

 The word submission, on its own, holds no moral value whatsoever. Submission could be noble, submission could be treacherous. It all depends. So as we teach our daughters to “be submissive,” the ever-important question is “submissive to whom?” And the only no-fail answer to that question is “God.” We teach our daughters to be submissive to God – and that may mean being the extremely un-cool person who believes that wives should submit to their own husbands . . . and that also may mean being the wife who calls the cops on her husband, or the woman who calls the cops on her pastor, or the girl who calls the pastor on her dad. Submission certainly doesn’t always mean saying yes – sometimes submission means saying no, and that can take an awful lot of strength and bravery. Submission always has a backbone – and that backbone is the Word of God. Every human authority requiring our submission should be examined in the light of that. Do I owe this person my submission? If the answer to that quesion is yes, then it is because I submit ultimately to God and He has asked me to submit to this particular man. As a mother, I want my girls to know and understand this, and I want it to be deep in their bones. Ultimately, a heart submissive to God can stand up and resist someone who attempts to exploit that submission for their own ends.

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Raising a Generation of Wimpy and Selfish Women

June 24, 2014 | Author:

From Kathy Brodock at Teaching Good Things:

Our hearts are easily deceived. Our hearts are selfish and want only to be happy… in love with life. We want a taste of heaven here on earth and we will do what we need to to get it. We will even pick our favorite Bible verses to justify it. We just know Jesus wants better for us and we will surround ourselves with people and books to remind us of that.

NO! Jesus wants us busy working! We are Kingdom builders for goodness-sakes!

Can we find joy in our work? YES! But only when the heart is in it. But our heart is usually seeking self first, looking for an easier way, a way that will still ensure that we enter the Gate one day. But often our choices along the way will rob us of blessings, because we want to avoid the work that comes with those blessings

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