Charlotte Mason

| August 29, 2011

From Practical Pages a plethora of information on Charlotte Mason’s philosphies in one convenient spot!: I often refer to Charlotte Mason’s principles and philosophies in our homeschooling and so I gathered together all my Charlotte Mason posts and links for you. I trust this page inspires all new homeschool moms to incorporate Charlotte Mason in their […]

Homeschooling Wisdom from Ann Voskamp

| August 25, 2011

Here are three wonderful-packed-with-wisdom-articles on Home Education by Ann Voskamp: A Day in the Life of Homeschooling: 7 Rungs  (Note: One of my very favorite articles and one I reread when I need fresh inspiration: Habits into hours, decisions into days, lists into a life. The way in which we live our moments, our choices […]

Why Charlotte Mason?

| August 24, 2011

From I am persuaded that I am most happy when I recognize and savor the magnificence of God in every sphere of life, and I mean EVERY sphere of life; and when I am finding my happiness in God, then I am glorifying Him. This is why I breathe — and this is why […]

Organizing Head & Heart to Homeschool

| August 19, 2011

I love this reminder from Ann Voskamp: Education is the atmosphere we breathe, the envelope of wonder that surrounds us, held by the gravity of our daily habits. Sometimes an atmosphere can grow dangerously thin and lungs can gasp. So I want it right there on my wall — “The Lord is strength of my […]

What is the Charlotte Mason Method?

| August 18, 2011

From Simply Charlotte Mason: Charlotte Mason was a British educator who lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her method, the Charlotte Mason method, is centered around the idea that education is three-pronged: Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life. By “Atmosphere,” Charlotte meant the surroundings in which the child grows up. A […]

Biblical Homeschooling, the Trivium and Charlotte Mason

| August 17, 2011

Although I was homeschooled myself and had a rough idea of where to start, I wasn’t quite sure which “method” I should use when it came to schooling my own children. As the children grew out of toddlerhood I started praying for clear direction in how to best educate them. The Lord answered my prayers […]

Quote of the Week ~ January 29, 2009

| August 19, 2010

  “To form in his child right habits of thinking and behaving is a parent’s chief duty…To nourish a child daily with loving, right, and noble ideas…is the parent’s next duty…The child, having once received the idea, will assimilate it in his own way, and work it into the fabric of his life…Nourish him with […]