INVESTIGATORS: Drowning is silent

| June 25, 2014

Extremely important info on what drowning really looks like. Please take a few minutes to watch this news story: In the past four months, four young people have drowned or nearly drowned in pools even though there were adults nearby. So, how do children drown in plain sight? A first-of-its-kind test shows why. Los Angeles […]

7 Misconceptions About Moms of Large Families

| June 21, 2014

From Kelly Crawford at Generation Cedar: As a mom of 10, I wanted to attempt to dispel a few myths about us and our large families. Because we get a lot of questions, and I’m sure even more questions go unasked. So, though not exhaustive, these are a few of the common misconceptions: 1. They […]

The Relief of Compassion in Parenting & Counseling

| June 6, 2014

I love this article. So often as parents we can forget to show mercy and grace to the little humans in our care and expect a perfection of them we don’t even expect of ourselves. The larger problem is that we cannot demand our children live up to our ideals every moment of their lives. While […]

I Signed Up For This

| January 16, 2014

Excellent reminders from Mrs. Gore’s Diary: Motherhood is HARD, yes, but it doesn’t have to be dreary and droopy. Chin up, buttercup. Shoulders back. Turn that frown upside down. Swallow those sorrowful sighs. Choose joy, because even on the hardest days, it is still exactly that: a choice. Laugh at today and all the days to […]

Operation Conversation: Missing Ingredient to a Great Education

| August 24, 2011

An important reminder from Kelly Crawford: Conversation is the “skeleton” onto which an education can grow flesh. It’s where the rote information comes alive. Without it, much of our efforts are wasted. From the time our children are little, our conversations teach them. (The question, “when does she start school” really reveals our misunderstanding about […]

I’m gonna miss this…

| August 26, 2010

Here’s a must read for all my fellow (often weary) mothers out there: I had an experience that moved me a few years ago, though. It was an evening I spent bathing my children that very literally revolutionized my perspective on mothering. Longing to tell you all about it, I shared a similar version of […]

Quote of the Week ~ January 29, 2009

| August 19, 2010

  “To form in his child right habits of thinking and behaving is a parent’s chief duty…To nourish a child daily with loving, right, and noble ideas…is the parent’s next duty…The child, having once received the idea, will assimilate it in his own way, and work it into the fabric of his life…Nourish him with […]

Quote of the Week ~ January 9, 2007

| August 19, 2010

“It is not open to parents either to lay aside or to sink under the burden of the honour laid upon them; and, no doubt, we have all seen the fullest, freest flow of confidence, sympathy, and love between parent and child where the mother sits as a queen among her children and the father […]

Quote of the Week ~ Dec. 26, 2006

| August 19, 2010

“Christian parents, brothers and sisters in Christ, there is no greater calling in our lives as Christians than to raise up the next generation of faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Surely within that calling, the most noble, the most necessary, the most foundational task is to ensure our children have been thoroughly trained […]