The Making of a Mother (How to Overcome Failure)

| June 16, 2011

Excellent thoughts on motherhood over at Raising Homemakers: In fact, I am prone to wake up in the middle of the night only to start rehearsing all the ways I’m letting my kids down, all the inadequacies and deficiencies, what I’m not giving them, and on and on. Until one night around 3am, as I […]

Home Educating in Biblical Truth

| April 5, 2011

Though this  is a review from Lee Ann Garfias  of the concerning book “Telling God’s Story: A Parents’ Guide to Teaching the Bible” by Peter Enns, it is also an excellent, detailed article on the vital importance of teaching the Bible to our children from the very beginning. The most important subject in home education is Bible.  Training our children […]

Susan Wise Bauer, “Why Paul Would Have Flunked Hermeneutics”

| April 5, 2011

This is an important article to read as Susan Wise Bauer is a leader in the Christian homeschool community and her books are widely sold and used by many, many families. I have used and appreciated some of her materials, including the phonics book published by her company. What she states in the article quoted in […]